Medical Mistakes Affect 1 Out of 5 People

If you were treated by a medical professional and suffered an injury, you’re not alone. A survey revealed that 21 percent of respondents say they have been victims of a medial error. The independent research institution NORC at the University of Chicago released the findings in a report that also found that 31 percent of...

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Distracted Doctors A Growing Problem In The Digital Age

It’s unfortunately all too common these days to see someone looking at their smartphone while driving – a dangerous activity that endangers the driver and others. Lately, this growing problem has been showing up in hospitals and doctor's offices. Some physicians, surgeons and other types of doctors have been distracted at work, putting their patients’...

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Can Admitting a Medical Error Have an Impact on a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

Traditionally, healthcare providers have followed a “defend and deny” approach to medical errors. Medical professionals accused of mistakes usually would remain silent out of fear that an apology or admission of error would result in legal fees and an unwinnable medical malpractice lawsuit. But research shows that full disclosure and apologizing for errors do not...

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$45 Million Verdict Highlights Deadly Negligence In Foster Care

In late March 2018, a Cook County, Illinois jury returned a $45 million recovery in the case of a toddler who died after being negligently returned to his abusive mother’s care. The case, Estate of Lavandis Hudson vs. Lutheran Social Services Inc., centered on gross negligence in the foster care system. If proper procedures had been...

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New Law in Illinois Aims to Reduce Opioid Abuse and Prevent Doctor Shopping

Doctors often prescribe pain killers for people who have been injured or are recovering from surgery. While these medications can be highly effective, they also can pose a threat to patients who might become addicted. A pain-killer addiction can cause a downward spiral and may lead to a practice known as “doctor-shopping.” A person in...

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Proposed Bill Raises Questions About How to Eliminate a Prostate Cancer Misdiagnosis

Despite cutting-edge technology and advances in medicine, some patients may still receive a cancer misdiagnosis. How does it happen? In some cases, a lab worker mixes up or contaminates specimens. Other times, a doctor gives a wrong cancer diagnosis or interprets a test result incorrectly. Are there ways to eliminate a cancer misdiagnosis? A U.S....

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Surgical Start Time Medical Errors

Does surgical start time affect risks for medical errors? A new study finds that patients who undergo a neurosurgical procedure between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. face a higher risk of complications compared to those who get operated on earlier in the day. The findings were published in Neurosurgery, which reported on a study that...

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