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3 ways for people to cover the costs of an Illinois car crash

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2024 | Personal Injury

Motor vehicle collisions have the potential to generate tens of thousands of dollars and costs in just a few seconds. Between property damage expenses and injuries to the people in the vehicles, car crashes can set people back financially for months or even years.

While most people know that collisions are a risk, the average person does not have enough personal resources to completely offset the financial implications of a wreck. Especially when someone is not to blame for a crash, they may wonder how they can cover the costs generated by the collision. When there is another party responsible for a car wreck, the people involved in the crash might be able to pursue compensation through one or more of the options below.

The insurance of the at-fault driver

Every driver in Illinois should carry liability insurance coverage. A driver’s policy protects them from financial devastation if they injure other people or damage their property. Unfortunately, what people carry in insurance may not be enough to actually cover the costs generated in a collision. Sometimes, people exhaust the insurance coverage available and still have tens of thousands of dollars in losses.

The personal assets of the at-fault driver

When a motorist who causes a major crash either doesn’t have insurance or has a policy that doesn’t pay enough, the people affected by the wreck might pursue a personal injury lawsuit. Personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits can hold an individual directly responsible for losses that exceed their insurance protections. The courts can grant a judgment that may help someone cover medical costs, lost wages and other collision expenses.

The assets or insurance of a business

Occasionally, it may be possible to take legal action against a business for a car crash. Employers might be responsible for crashes caused by their workers making deliveries or driving while on the clock. Companies that manufacture vehicles could be responsible for crashes triggered by defective vehicle components. There are even scenarios in which businesses that serve alcohol might have liability for a crash.

The bigger the expenses generated by a collision, the more important it may be for the people affected to consider every option available to them. Going to court is sometimes necessary when a car crash leads to catastrophic personal losses.