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Dedicated Advocates For Survivors Of Church And Clergy Abuse

At Deratany & Kosner, our attorneys firmly stand as advocates for survivors of church and clergy abuse. With a collective experience exceeding 100 years, our legal team offers knowledgeable and robust representation, not limited to Chicago but extending throughout the nation.

A Compassionate, Responsive And Tireless Approach

Cases involving church and clergy abuse necessitate a unique level of compassion, responsiveness and unwavering dedication. Our attorneys recognize the significance of providing meticulously detailed and personalized attention. We draw upon our skill and knowledge to safeguard your rights and address the intricate issues intertwined with these and other child abuse cases.

Championing The Rights Of Survivors

Survivors of abuse within the church, be it priest sexual abuse, clergy misconduct or harm caused by members of the clergy, deserve staunch advocates. Deratany & Kosner is unwavering in its commitment to championing the rights of these survivors and leveraging our experience and knowledge to protect their rights.

Get Legal Support

Our firm is fueled by a hunger for advocacy and justice. We firmly support the rights of survivors of church and clergy abuse and are devoted to ensuring their voices are heard. We invest the time necessary to unearth the facts and construct the most formidable legal case possible to safeguard your rights.

If you or someone you care about has been a survivor of church or clergy abuse, we encourage you to contact our lawyers at Deratany & Kosner for a complimentary consultation. To make an appointment, call 312-815-6231 or complete this simple form. We serve clients throughout Chicago and nationwide and are here to offer support during these challenging times, advocating for your rights and pursuing justice on your behalf.