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New Study Shows Janitors and Dog Walkers Paid More Than Child Care Workers

According to a new report recently released by the Economic Policy Institute, those who care for children in daycare centers, nannies and in other facilities earn almost 40 percent less.

Unfortunately, while women have made some strides in pay equality, especially in higher paying professional jobs, child care workers are 95.6 percent female, the median wage being $10.31 as opposed to a median wage of $17.00 in other occupations.

Most disturbing is that the vast majority of those who take care of our children rarely receive job-based benefits and are unable to afford child care of their own. Add being a single mother to this equation and you see that these hard-working individuals are forced into accepting food stamps and Medicaid through no fault of their own.

When the trend is higher wages for fast food workers, should not the child care workers of the United States be entitled to fairer pay as well?

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