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Neglecting children creates problems for everyone

Children grow and develop physically, mentally and emotionally. They have needs that must be met to ensure they reach their full potential. When those needs aren't met, there can be serious effects and long-term harm. Our foster care abuse and negligence attorneys at The Deratany Firm know because we have worked with families dealing with serious physical injuries and psychological trauma due to neglect in foster homes and other adoption settings. That's why we're committed to protecting the rights of neglected children and families affected by neglect.

There are many different types of neglect involving foster care children. They include:

Physical neglect


  • Being denied adequate food, clothing and shelter
  • Leaving a child alone for long periods of time
  • Letting a young child supervise siblings
  • Leaving a child home alone
  • Inadequate supervision
  • Being kicked out of the home for short periods

Emotional/psychological neglect


  • Ignoring a child by not acknowledging his or her presence or need for nurturing
  • Refusing to show affection for a child
  • Humiliating or insulting a child
  • Isolating a child from social contact with adults and other children
  • Threatening a child with extreme punishment
  • Encouraging a child to engage in destructive or antisocial behavior
  • Having inappropriate expectations for a child that are beyond his or her developmental level

Medical neglect


  • Failing to get needed emergency care for a child
  • Ignoring medical advice if a child has a treatable disease or disability
  • Failing to give child medicine prescribed by a doctor
  • Failing to provide dental care for a child

Educational neglect

  • A child is not registered in school or allowed to attend school.

Neglect can negatively affect a child in many different ways. And the problems it causes can affect that child throughout life. If nothing is done, the odds are against a neglected child growing up to become a well-adjusted adult.

Advocates for children and families harmed by neglect

The attorneys at The Deratany Firm have seen the effects of neglect on children and families firsthand. It makes us sad, because the problems neglect can cause didn't have to happen. But it also makes us determined to protect the rights of children and families when they are injured as a result.

Neglect causes children to suffer. Children can be harmed when the adult in charge of their care doesn't take steps to protect them. We fight for children who were placed in a situation where they were neglected because an agency did not do a proper background check-or ignored it.

Neglect causes foster families to suffer. Neglected children have learned not to trust adults, and can react in harmful ways toward a new family. We fight for families who had a neglected child placed with them without being informed about the child's background.

Children have a right to have their needs met. Foster care families have a right to know about a child's background so they can prepare accordingly. Our attorneys have extensive experience with cases involving child neglect and foster care families. We will conduct our own investigation into what happened. And we won't rest until the negligent parties are held responsible.

If you are dealing with a situation in which a child was neglected, it's important to learn your legal options. Make an appointment with one of our attorneys for a free case consultation. Contact The Deratany Firm at 800-529-7285. We takes cases in the Chicago area and from throughout the country.