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There are few things more disturbing and upsetting than the abuse of a child. But sadly, it happens quite often. Children put their trust in an adult, only to have that trust violated. The Deratany Firm has years of experience with cases involving child abuse. We know the severe damage it can cause. Our attorneys fight to protect children from further harm and to protect adoptive families.

Abuse can harm children in many different ways. But the effects of abuse don't end there. It can also affect the foster care families who take that child in. And if they are unaware of the child's history, it can put them at risk.

The different types of child abuseĀ involvingĀ children in foster care include:

Physical abuse


  • Striking, kicking or shaking a child
  • Burning or scalding a child
  • Throwing objects at a child
  • Holding a child underwater

Emotional/psychological abuse


  • Constant criticism of a child
  • Belittling a child
  • Making threats of punishment or physical harm
  • Withholding love, support or guidance

Sexual abuse


  • Sexual intercourse
  • Fondling
  • Indecent exposure in front of a child
  • Forcing a child to undress
  • Showing a child pornography
  • Talking about sex with a child

Children who are abused can grow up to become abusers themselves, if nobody steps in to help. But that cycle can be broken if the child is removed from the abusive situation and placed in a loving and supportive environment. However, for everybody's protection, the new family needs to be made aware of the child's past abuse.

Fighting for the rights of victims

The attorneys at The Deratany Firm are dedicated to protecting children subjected to abuse because they were placed in a dangerous situation due to negligence. An agency places a child with a family that is supposed to take care of him or her. But the agency fails to do its job properly. It doesn't perform background checks, or fails to provide the new family with the child's history, or contracts out the work. As a result, the child ends up suffering horrific abuse. We can fight to hold that agency responsible.

We also fight for the families who end up getting hurt as a result of this negligence. Children who are abused can have severe emotional and psychological problems and have very specific needs. Families who are unaware of these needs can become victims of abuse and assault themselves.

Children who are abused deserve to be placed in homes where they can be safe and loved. But overcoming the effects of abuse is a long process that requires knowledge of the child's history and an understanding of how abuse can affect children. Foster care parents have a right to know about any behavioral or family issues that could put them at risk.

When the effects of child abuse are compounded because of negligence, it must be addressed. Our attorneys can do a complete investigation into what happened and fight to hold negligent parties responsible.

If you or a loved one has been hurt as a result of foster care negligence related to child abuse, contact The Deratany Firm. Call us at 800-529-7285 for a free consultation.