The Risks Associated with Anesthesia Errors: Chicago Attorneys Discuss

Anesthesia allows patients to undergo surgery without feeling pain or even having any recollection of the procedure. But if not administered correctly, anesthesia may either be ineffective or result in adverse health complications. According to Very Well Health, there are four types of anesthesia: General Anesthesia: This is considered the most potent type of anesthesia...

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Can My Medical Records Have Errors? A Chicago Attorney Explains

Your medical records contain a range of important information, from your family history to symptoms you may have reported about a serious condition or disease.  It’s critical that the information is accurate. A mistake can have dire consequences. According to the Office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology, nearly 10 percent of people who...

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How Serious is a Cancer Misdiagnosis? An Attorney Discusses

It’s devastating to hear the words “you have cancer” from a doctor. But it’s important for the doctor to give a patient the difficult news and promptly begin a course of action. Cancer must be treated quickly to stop the aggressive cells from spreading. Unfortunately, doctors sometimes misdiagnose cancer. Lung cancer can mimic other conditions...

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Emergency room errors linked to information processing

If you or a loved one was harmed in an emergency room due to a medical error, there’s a nearly 50 percent chance the mistake stemmed from a healthcare professional’s problem with information processing.  A study published in De Gruyter’s Journal Diagnosis examined the role “cognitive errors” play in emergency room errors. The study concluded 45 percent...

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Report Sheds Light On Lax Oversight Of Surgery Centers

An in-depth investigative report raises troubling questions about the risks of using surgery centers in the United States.  According to a Kaiser Health News and USA Today Network investigation, surgery centers in more than a dozen states operate with little oversight. Patients and regulators have scant information about incidents that may have occurred in these facilities, including serious injuries...

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Doctor Burnout Leading to More Medical Mistakes

Does your doctor seem tired, cynical and stressed out? If yes, your physician's burnout could be a danger to patients. If you think doctor burnout is rare, think again. A survey of clinic and hospital physicians across the United States reveals that more than half of U.S. doctors experience burnout, according to Mayo Clinic Proceedings...

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Medical Mistakes Affect 1 Out of 5 People

If you were treated by a medical professional and suffered an injury, you’re not alone. A survey revealed that 21 percent of respondents say they have been victims of a medial error. The independent research institution NORC at the University of Chicago released the findings in a report that also found that 31 percent of...

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Distracted Doctors A Growing Problem In The Digital Age

It’s unfortunately all too common these days to see someone looking at their smartphone while driving – a dangerous activity that endangers the driver and others. Lately, this growing problem has been showing up in hospitals and doctor's offices. Some physicians, surgeons and other types of doctors have been distracted at work, putting their patients’...

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Can Admitting a Medical Error Have an Impact on a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

Traditionally, healthcare providers have followed a “defend and deny” approach to medical errors. Medical professionals accused of mistakes usually would remain silent out of fear that an apology or admission of error would result in legal fees and an unwinnable medical malpractice lawsuit. But research shows that full disclosure and apologizing for errors do not...

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