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Warning Signs of Child Abuse and Neglect

Our adoption abuse attorneys hold negligent parties responsible

Adopted children who are neglected or abused are often terrified to speak out. They're afraid their abusers will abuse them even more. That's why it's so challenging to put a stop to such abuse. That's why the abuse of adopted children often goes unreported.

So how do you know if a child is being abused or neglected? There are usually warning signs of child abuse. But they're not always easy to identify. It's important to know what signs to look for. That way, you may be able to put a stop to abuse.

The adoption abuse and negligence attorneys at The Deratany Firm now what to look for. That's because we have handled many cases involving child abuse and neglect in Illinois and across the country. We know some of the warning signs and we want to share them with you.

Warning signs of physical abuse

Sometimes, the signs are obvious. A child has been severely beaten. A young girl becomes pregnant. Other times, the warning signs are much more subtle. These include:


  • Unexplained bruises
  • Unexplained injuries (broken bones, burn marks, etc.)
  • Sudden change in mood
  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Flinching at sudden movements
  • Fear of adults

Warning signs of emotional/psychological abuse


  • Child cries without warning
  • Frequent unexplained temper tantrums
  • Being extremely quiet or withdrawn
  • Child has poor self-esteem
  • Poor performance in school
  • Extreme behavior (very aggressive or very passive)

Warning signs of sexual abuse


  • Stained underwear
  • Difficulty sitting or walking
  • Frequent bedwetting or nightmares
  • Pain in genital area
  • Knowledgeable about sexual behavior

Signs of neglect


  • Child smells offensive
  • Unkempt hair
  • Disheveled clothing
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Unusual weight loss
  • Child constantly hungry

Knowing what to look for can make a difference. If you report the abuse and put a stop to it, you won't just be helping the child being abused. You're helping to put a stop to a pattern of abuse in society. And your actions could make a dramatic difference in that child's life for many years to come. That's because the effects of abuse often last a lifetime.

We're here to help abused children

The negligence of an adoption agency can put many people in harm's way. Adoption agencies are supposed to conduct thorough background checks. They have a responsibility to make sure children are placed in a loving, supportive household. When they fail to do so, these adoption agencies need to be held accountable for their actions.

The Deratany Firm has years of experience handling such complex cases. We know how to find the evidence needed to take legal action against adoption agencies. And we know how to take such cases to court if necessary in Illinois or another state.

We also know how to fight for the rights of adoptive parents. Sometimes, they're the victims. When children have been abused, they often repeat the abusive behavior when they're placed into a new home. Parents need to be fully informed about a child's mental state before adopting them. Otherwise, the parents could become victims of abuse at the hands of children they adopt.

Our adoption abuse attorneys leave no stone unturned in pursuit of justice. That's why we want to meet with you. We're passionate about putting a stop to child abuse and neglect and protecting the rights of victims. Put your trust in us. Contact our law firm and schedule your free consultation. We handle cases in Chicago and nationwide.