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Adoption Attorneys Who Help Victims of Child Neglect

Our lawyers fight for the rights of neglected children

Children need love and attention to grow and develop into healthy adults. This is especially true for children adopted by families. The adoptive parents need to make sure their child's needs are met so they reach their full potential. Otherwise, an adopted child can have serious long-term problems the rest of their lives.

Our adoption abuse and negligence attorneys at The Deratany Firm know the risks adopted children face. That's because our law firm has been working with children and families throughout the country dealing with serious physical injuries and psychological trauma due to neglect in adoption settings.

Types of adoption neglect

There are many different types of child neglect cases involving adopted children. Some of the most common - and most serious - adoption neglect cases include:

Physical neglect


  • Adopted child left unsupervised
  • Child left home alone by adoptive parents
  • Child not feed enough food
  • Adopted children asked to supervise younger children
  • Adopted parents regularly kicking child out of house

Emotional/psychological neglect


  • Not giving adopted child enough attention
  • Withholding affection from adopted child
  • Adoptive parents being verbally abusive with child
  • Verbally threatening a child
  • Routinely ignoring child
  • Child not registered for school or attending school

Medical neglect


  • Not getting regular medical checkups
  • Not giving child medications prescribed by doctor
  • Poor dental hygiene due to lack of dental care

Neglecting an adopted child can have serious consequences. And not just in the short term. A neglected adopted child can have serious lifelong problems due to the way they're being treated by their adoptive parents. That's why it's critical that adoption agencies do their job and make sure children are adopted by responsible, loving parents.

Advocates for adopted children and families harmed by neglect

The attorneys at The Deratany Firm know what's at stake. That's because we have worked with many neglected adopted children and families throughout the country. We also understand the laws governing such complex cases in Illinois and other states.

Adopted children have rights. If they are neglected and those rights are not respected, these children have the right to takeĀ legal action. Child neglect can cause serious, long-term injuries, physically and psychologically.

Often, child neglect cases involving adopted children occur because the adoption agency didn't do their job. Instead of making sure the child is adopted by a caring family, the agency placed the child with irresponsible adults who don't give the child the attention they deserve.

Other times, mistakes made by adoption agencies can result in harm to the adults who adopted the child. If a child has been previously severely neglected, the child may lash out at their new, adoptive parents and seriously injure them. That's why it's critical that adoption agencies conduct thorough background checks not only on the adoptive parents but on the children being adopted as well.

Don't underestimate the complexity of your legal case. Find out how an experienced attorney can help you with adoption neglect case. Contact The Deratany Firm and schedule your free consultation. We work with families in the Chicago area and throughout the country.