EPA to Audit Safety of Michigan Drinking Water

In the wake of recent high lead findings and alterations of water lead reports in Flint, Michigan, the Environmental Protection Agency will be stepping to conduct reviews. Apparently the person in charge of taking water samples around Flint was instructed to take off the high lead level reports, though the state denies any wrongdoing. During…

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New Study Shows Janitors and Dog Walkers Paid More Than Child Care Workers

According to a new report recently released by the Economic Policy Institute, those who care for children in daycare centers, nannies and in other facilities earn almost 40 percent less. Unfortunately, while women have made some strides in pay equality, especially in higher paying professional jobs, child care workers are 95.6 percent female, the median…

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What Will it Take to End the Vicious Police Brutality Overlooked?

The City of Detroit has paid out over $1 million for four lawsuits related to one officer, Bill “Robocop” Melendez in 2003. On January 28, 2015, Melendez was charged with three felonies for choking and punching an elderly black grandfather sixteen times, after attempting to “plant” cocaine on the man. Melendez was finally convicted of…

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Salvadoran Refugee Mother Suffers Severe Injury from Electronic Monitor Placed on Her by Immigration Customs Enforcement

Maria Isabel Corpeno Argueta broke an ankle bone on Oct. 4 and needed emergency surgery because she was forced to wear an electronic monitor device, like thousands of undocumented refugees from Central America. The U.S. federal government, through Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), keeps tabs on refugees by using electronic monitoring devices. In recent months,…

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Diagnostic Errors Occur Daily, Harming Chicago Patients

A correct diagnosis is critical, because patients in Chicago hospitals can receive proper treatment only when their conditions are diagnosed properly. Troubling new reports, however, suggest that diagnostic errors are happening every day.  US News reported a groundbreaking new report released by the Institute of Medicine, describing the frequency of diagnostic errors and the consequences…

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Gun Control and Freedom

Some gun owners continue to insist that the government wants to take away their guns, when that is not what mindful lawmakers propose.  Gun regulation and background checks are a far cry from “taking away our guns.” It’s like a provocative cry that someone (likely the NRA or gun manufacturers?) started to get the public…

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Evaluating Surgeon Error Rates to Assess Risk of Medical Malpractice

This summer, ProPublica published a scorecard comparing how 17,000 surgeons throughout the United States performed on common procedures. US News called the scorecard “the first purely objective public report card of health care quality at the physician level.” While the report was controversial, potentially unfair to some surgeons, and highly contested by some experts, it can…

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$15 Million Settlement Reached Between Village of Crestwood and Residents Ill from Ingesting Tainted Water

The Deratany Firm and the Village of Crestwood will appear before Cook County Judge Lorna Propes on September 22, 2015, to announce that they have reached a settlement of $15 million to settle approximately 340 cases largely brought by the Deratany Firm against The Village of Crestwood on behalf of the Village’s residents who suffered various forms…

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